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451 Fog Light Bulb Change

How to change a blown fog light bulb

Modification Details

Bulb Change In Situ

It is possible to change the fog light bulb without the hassle of removing the panels.

Look underneath the front of the car below where the fog lights are.
Unclip these clips that hold the front panel to the under tray. 

The lower section will now pull forward enough to get your fingers in the aperture.

Pull and the cover should pop off.

Undo the 2 mounting screws.

There is now enough space to spin the fog light around to access the bulb.

Bulb Change Off The Car

Remove the fog light from the car by following
this guide in reverse.

Twist the bulb a one sixth of a turn anticlockwise.

Pull the bulb directly from the lamp unit.

The bulb is unusual compare to the other bulbs in the smart.
It is an H11 style bulb which is permanently attached to the plastic holder.
When you get a replacement, it will have the plastic holder already attached.

Refitting is the reverse of fitting.

As with all other bulbs, do not touch the glass with your hands.

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