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Servicing guides and mods

451 Oil Change

The new smart fortwo 451 has a drain plug like a standard car.

Modification Details

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The Drain Plug

If you look under the car you will clearly see the oil filter, it is a large black cylinder.

To the right of that is the drain plug (circled in red below).

There is no need to use the Pela pump any more, this way is more efficient.

Removing The Oil

Drive the car until it is up to normal operating temperature, about 80 degrees.

Unscrew the oil filler cap (circled in green below) and remove the dipstick (circled blue).

Remove the drain plug (24mm) and reposition the bowl so it actually catches the oil.
The drain plug is about 3" long and has a mesh filter built into it. Remove the
copper washer and ensure that the mesh filter isn't clogged up.

Removing The Oil Filter

The filter simply unscrews in an anticlockwise direction. In the unlikely event that the
filter is seized onto the thread, you may have to utilise a strap wrench like a 'Boa'.
Make sure that you have the oil catcher in place when you remove the filter
as you will get a small stream of oil. The oil filter will be totally full too.

Refitting The Oil Filter

Wipe some fresh oil onto the rubber seal and screw onto the engine in a clockwise direction.
Smart recommend torquing the oil filter up to 14Nm if you have the equipment.
If you don't (as most people won't), hand tight will be fine. Don't go mad on it though.

Filter smart part number A 132 180 00 10 or Mitsubishi number 1230A040.

Refitting The Sump Plug

Take a new copper washer and place it over the sump plug.
Screw the sump plug into place and torque to 65Nm.

Washer smart part number A 0189974445.

Refilling The Oil

Using the correct fully synthetic oil (5W-30 is suitable for the UK climate) put in
3 litres of oil into the oil filler hole in the top of the engine (circled in green below).

The smart fortwo 451 takes approximately 3.3 litres of oil to reach the maximim level
but remember that you cannot physically remove all of the oil.

Allow the oil to settle for a few minutes, check the level with the dip stick.
Add more oil a bit at a time and keep checking until the oil level is about
halfway between the minimum and maximum marks.

Replace the oil filler cap and the dip stick. Ensure the filler cap is securely tightened down.

Check And Double Check

The oil level is very important so run the engine for about a minute, this allows the oil to circulate
around the system. Any air in the system or the new filter will be pushed into the sump.

Turn the car off and wait a few minutes before checking the oil level on the dipstick again.
The displacement of air can cause the oil level to fall so top up as necessary.

Ideally you should check the oil level every week.

Oil Capacity

Engine oil capacities are all listed here.

451 Diesel Oil Change

The CDI engine is the different to the petrol model so see here for the diesel oil change.

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