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451 Suspension Noise

Noisy, creaking and knocking suspension on your 451? yeah, me too.

Modification Details

For some reason, the front suspension of the 451 fortwo is susceptible to water and salt
ingress into the rubber bushes. It's not a major problem but it will start making terrible
creaking, cracking and banging noises as the suspension moves.

Make The Noises Go Away


9 out of 10 times, the noise is caused by water and salt getting into the anti roll bar bushes.
This increases the friction which causes the creaking and cracking sounds you hear.
The best way to sort this is to replace the rubber bushes with polyurethane ones.
Have a look here for the information, buying and fitting guide for these poly bushes.


Steer the wheel towards the side you are working on, you will want to do both sides
whilst you are at it even though the noise tends to be only on 1 side. Look in where
the arrow shows to see the parts we need to sort out.

The 4 points that tend to cause these noises are as follows. From left to right.
Control arm drop link, wishbone left and right bushes, sway bar bush.

The same is found on the other side.

This is the only time I will ever recommend using this particular product but...

...take a can of WD40 and liberally spray the areas circled above.
Any water dispersal/lube spray will work.

Wait 5 minutes and go for a drive to allow the liquid to get into the bushes.
When you get back home, give everything another liberal coating. Now wait for 30 minutes.

After that time has elapsed, go back to the car and spray the circled items again but
this time with chain lube. Chain lube is a thick, clingy mixture of oil that will lubricate
these parts and will stop further ingress for the coming year. 

Most chain grease spray should be fine.
This stuff is also good for maintaining a good universal steering joint.

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