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Servicing guides and mods

453 Oil Change

Modification Details

The 453 fortwo and forfour has a oil sump plug so I guess we should use it.

I usually have a few empty containers like oil or screenwash.

Grab a box cutter knife and cut a window in the top.

Start the car up and get it running. When the temperature gets to normal running temperature, turn the car off.

Throw yourself onto the floor. Look at the underside of the engine.

That brown wart is the oil drain plug. We need to remove this.

Of course you need a special tool. It's an 8mm square bit. I bought mine from Amazon.

Loosen the sump plug slightly, slide your catch container underneath and then fully remove the sump plug.

Remove the oil filler cap to allow the old oil to flow out easily.

Whilst you're there, take a look in the filler neck. It's common for these engines to show a little "mayonnaise".
Just wipe it out with a rag on every service. Nothing to be concerned about.

Rescue the sump plug and the copper washer. You should really use a new washer each time.
However, you can get away with reusing it once. You can also heat it up with a flame to re-soften the copper.

After about 10 minutes, the oil should have stopped dripping. Refit the sump plug.

Oil filter Change - Non Turbo 

Now you'll have to reach behind the sump.

Hidden up behind the sump is the oil filter. There really isn't much room to get a good grip to remove it.

I had to use one of these which attaches to a ratchet and bites into the metal canister.

It's about now that you remember there's still oil in the pipes and in the filter. Wipe it up as best you can.

Grab your new filter. I used a Bosch F026407022.

But the filter that was removed was a smart supplied version. Smart part number A2811800310

Fill the filter with oil. Keep topping it up and let it absorb the oil.

Rub a bit of the oil onto the rubber gasket and install the filter. Do it as tight as you can by hand.

Grab a funnel and place it into the oil filler hole.

I recommend pouring in 1 litre at a time so you don't over fill it.

Non turbo - 3.5 litres.
Turbo - 4.3 litres.

Once you have added the expected amount of oil, check the dipstick.

Pull the dipstick out, check the level and replace. Do this a few times.

Chances are, the level will be a little high. Not to worry because not all of the oil galleries are full.

REFIT THE OIL CAP. Then start the car and allow it to run for 30 seconds before turning it off.
This will have cycled the oil and got rid of any air in the oil galleries.

Rechack the oil level on the dipstick another few times. It should read between minimum and maximum.

Replace the dipstick and you are done. Continue with the rest of the service before resetting the service indicator.

What Oil Should I Use?

You should use oil that's rated to MB229.5
These oils are listed here.

What Viscosity Should I Use?

The recommended viscosity depends on the climate of your country.

You only need to use 0W oil if your country's temperure is likely to dip below -30°C (-22°F)
You only need to use 5W oil if your country's temperure is likely to dip below -25°C (-13°F)
You only need to use 10W oil if your country's temperure is likely to dip below -20°C (-4°F)
You only need to use 15W oil if your country's temperure is likely to dip below -15°C (5°F)

Using 0W is unnecessary in most counties and it's actually not good for the engine to use it.

Most countries would be fine using 10W oil but this grade seems to be unpopular with oil manufacturers now so 
it's much harder to get. Most have now moved to just creating 5W oils so most people are forced to use that.

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