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45bhp CDI Air Filter Change

Working on the diesel engine is one of the dirtiest jobs you can do. Changing the air filter is just as messy on the 45bhp version.

Modification Details

Changing the air filter on the 45bhp CDI fortwo 451 might not be the easiest of things, however, despite being
boxed in from all angles, it's actually not that bad a job. You'll get filthy and doing this will lead onto another
that'll have you cleaning soot and old oil from under your fingernails for weeks, but it's not a bad job.

On 2 sides you have the engine bay (that's not gonna move), 1 side you have the engine (that's staying put as well)
and the last side has the intercooler, a hard pipe and a soft pipe to the EGR mixer body (all well bolted down).

Firstly, wear gloves. Not wearing gloves will turn this from a 10 minute job to a 1 hour job.


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