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54bhp CDI Air Filter Change

Changing the air filter on the 54bhp version of the diesel 451 is unlike the other models.

Modification Details

When the smart fortwo 451 was released with a 54bhp diesel engine it replaced the 45bhp variant.
A different EGR setup was used and a throttle body was fitted which wasn't there on the 45bhp.

Unfortunately, these small additions reduced the amount of space in the engine bay even further.
Space was tight before but in previous diesel model, everything in the way was a soft pipe.
These were easy to remove and get out of the way so the airbox lid could come out.

On the 54bhp model, you had the intercooler and the throttle body in the way, neither were moving.
However, luckily, there is just enough room to remove the air box lid still.

2 Ways To Do 1 Job

There's the easy way and the smart main dealer way. My way takes less than 10 minutes.
The way that the smart dealers do it will take a lot of work and probably 45 minutes.

The Easy Way


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