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Servicing guides and mods

Air Filter Change

Changing the air filter is an easy task, replacing it with something better is just as easy.

Modification Details

You will need a screwdriver to aid removal of the airbox lid.
Open up the rear of the car, lift the carpet and take off the engine bay lid.

Using the screwdriver flip back the 4 clips as circled above

Due to the clearance it isn't very easy to get the lid out of the way,
keep lifting and sliding and it will come out.

Slide back the retainer at the back of the airbox and remove the original paper filter.

Fit a new filter, here I am fitting an ITG aftermarket foam filter.

Slide the filter onto the lower neck and slide the retainer back into place and
therefore securing the filter, it may require a bit of wiggling to get it on.

For the airbox lid to go back on, the slider must be in the same position as when
the original filter was fitted. If the lid goes on the filter is correctly positioned.

With the lid properly in place the clips can be pushed back over the lid to secure.
If you are fitting an aftermarket filter you may get a sticker for the airbox lid,
this should stop any mechanic from replacing the filter during a service.

Replace and secure the engine lid and refit the carpet.

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