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Applying Rain-X

Microscopically, your windscreen is a mountain range.

Modification Details

In the same way that car polish fills in the pit in the paintwork so the water can sheet off, Rain-X does the same but with your windscreen. At around 40 mph, the water runs off the screen of its own accord, this makes the use of wipers unnecessary in most cases.

It also helps if you have performed the vertical wiper mod listed


Firstly you need to clean your windscreen. Forget all your fancy glass cleaning formulas.
If your screen is just dusty, buff it clean with a dry towel. If the screen is muddy or covered
in dead insects, grab some newspaper and some vinegar.

This combo is unbeatable and has been used since the first world war.
The acid in the vinegar cleans the screen and the newspaper print polishes the glass.

Once the screen is clean, just rinse it down to remove the vinegar and then dry.

Applying Rain-X

You'll need a bottle of Rain-X (available at Halford) and 2 toweling cloths.

Squirt a bit onto the screen and work it into every part in a circular motion.

Allow the Rain-X to dry, the screen will seem cloudy.

With a fresh cloth, buff the dried Rain-X from the screen.
You will find that turning the cloth to a fresh part helps this stage.
The picture shows the left hand side has been buffed, right side is still cloudy.

Once the entire screen has been buffed clean you have finished.


Although the Rain-X will allow you to not use use your wipers unless the rain is very heavy,
it is important to keep the wipers clean and healthy incase you suddenly need them.

Cleaning them with vinegar does a good job of restoring the rubber blades.
Change them every year with the service and consider some of the aftermarket wipers.

If you live by the sea, don't use Rain-X. The Rain-X formula reacts with the salt in the air and
makes the screen cloudy. This cloudyness is hard to shift and takes a whole load of scrubbing.

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