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Battery Fluid Test

Modification Details

This is a refractometer. It measures the refraction of light through different fluids.
Since the refraction is known for certain fluids, it can tell you information about that fluid.

They are available very cheaply on Amazon.

One of the fluids this can can test is battery fluid. Pretty pointless on the smart as they have sealed batteries
however, if you have fitted an aftermarket battery, you may have access to the battery fluid.

Use the supplied pippette and take a small sample.

Lift open the diffuser and drip some battery acid onto the glass window.

Flpd the diffuser down. If you have enough fluid on the glass, the fluid should spread out to cover all of the glass.

Hold it under a light and look through the other end like a telescope. Since we are viewing battery acid,
look over the far left scale and you can see it's just above 1.14 Kg/l and that means the battery requires charging.

After an over night charge of the battery, another sample was taken.

It's all good. Remember to clean up the window and the diffuser of your refractometer after use.

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