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Battery Upgrade

When your battery dies, do you replace with the same or get something better.

Modification Details

The Replacement Battery

I could have replaced the old battery for a similar type.


Type 063
12 Volts
42 Amp/h


Type 065
12 Volts
61 Amp/h

If you are rich you can pick up one of these batteries from Halfords, if you have one bit
of sense you will contact your local motorfactors or go to Costco (if you are a member).
Halfords will sell them around £70 to £80, the other places will be half that price.

I decided on an Optima red top battery, I got it from Ebay for a reasonable price.
Read about Optima batteries here.
I managed to get mine from a guy on Ebay for £100 delivered.

There are a few types of optima battery all with countless terminal arrangements.

Red Top

Designed with more starting power in the first 10 seconds than the standard batteries.
It has a higher starting amperage which is best for starting cars.

Yellow Top

Designed to hold a higher charge during long term use, main use is for high power
stereo equipment and other high power auxillary drains that you may fit to your car.
Also gives more starting power but not as much as the red top batteries.

Blue Top

Same as the yellow top but with marine grade stainless steel terminals.

So Which One For The Smart?


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