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Canister Oil Filters

The canister oil filters are of a better construction than the original fortwo and Roadster paper filters. There are a few things to consider before just picking up any old filter from a car spares shop.

Modification Details

Fortwo 450 and Roadster 452

If you wish to fit a canister style filter, you need to fit an oil filter adapter
seen here.

With one of these fitted you can fit many types of oil filter.
You will have to check what thread you need, it will either be M20 or 3/4 inch UNF.

The diameter of the filter should be about 70mm at the base.
The height is usually a standard 3 inches.

Fortwo 451

The 451 takes a canister filter as standard so no adapter is required.
The standard filter is a Mitsubishi 1230A040. 70mm diameter, 50mm high, M20 thread.

As you can see, the smart standard filter is a lot shorter than a regular canister filter.

Can I Use A Regular Filter Instead?

Depends how brave you are. a regular M20 filter will screw on so as long as it
is about 70mm in diameter it will fit fine. The problem is with the extra length.

I mocked up a tube that covered the standard filter to show how long a regular filter would be.

As you can see, it hangs down a fair way, you can even see it from the front of the car.

It leaves it very exposed to things in the road so I wouldn't recommend it.

Gonzalo has contacted us saying that the Mann oil filter W67/1 should fit fine.
Worldwide Filter List 450 & 452 Only
These are all submitted by the people listed next to each filter. I cannot say if they are right.

Important Information To Check

Before buying and using any of the oil filters listed below, check the specs on the packaging or the manufacturer's website to see how many miles/km they are rated to last. This is because many of the American filters seem to
state they only last 5,000 to 6,000 miles despite their "super amazing" technology. I suspect this is a
marketing ploy playing off an old fact that is no longer relevant with today's modern day motor oils.

3/4' UNF Thread: UK

Champion C138
Champion F107
Halfords HOF230
Halfords HOF214
MANN W68/1 (CrazyG)

3/4' UNF Thread: North America

NAPA 1348 (Chuck)
Federated LF157F (Chuck)
Fram PH3614 (Chuck)
AC PF53 (Chuck)
Purolator Premium Plus L10241 (Roland)
AC-DELCO 93156323 (Todd)
K&N HP-2004 (Todd)
K&N HP1002 (Todd)
LUCAS F5578 (Todd)
MOBIL M1-102 (Todd)
MOPAR 4105409 (Todd)
NAPA 1374 (Todd)
PUROLATOR L10028 (Todd)
PUROLATOR L10241 (Todd)
STP S3614 (Todd)
WALMART ST3614 (Todd)
WIX 51374 (Todd)
AC-DELCO PF53 (Todd)
AMSOIL SDF-57 (Todd)
BALDWIN B288 (Todd)
BECK/ARNLEY 041-8988 (Todd)
BOSCH 3330 (Todd)
BOSCH 72150 (Todd)
CASITE CF966 (Todd)
COOPERS Z25/2 (Todd)
DELPHI FX 0004 (Todd)
FRAM PH2870A (Todd)
FRAM PH3600 (Todd)
Fram3682 (Todd)
Valvoline VO22 (Todd)
Ryco Z418 (Todd)
Fram PH3816 (Todd)
Lee LF2835 (Todd)
BOSCH 72161 (Todd)
WIX 51348 (Todd)
Car Quest 85374 (Todd)
FRAM PH3506 (Todd)
FRAM PH3614 (Todd)
FRAM PH966B (Todd)

M20 Thread: UK

WIX WL7086 (Rob Hammond)
Halfords HOF204 (Kevin Nergaard)
Halfords HOF 256 (Mister Bridger)
Halfords HOF 299 (Mister Bridger)
Halfords HOF 302 (Mister Bridger)
Champion F208 (David Bolland)
WIX WL7091 (Adam Potter)
Purflux LS867B (Adam Potter)
Blueprint ADM52107 (Adam Potter)

M20 Thread: Europe

Filtron OP545 (Milos)
Mann W713/16 (Milos)
Mann W713/22 (Milos)
Fram PH4558 (Milos)
ACDelco: X4043E (Milos)
Hengst: H14W28 (Milos)
Purflux: LS715 (Milos)
Bosch: 0 451 103 111 (Milos)
Mahle: OC296 (Milos)
Fiaam: FT5065

M20 Thread: North America

Fram PH3593A (TBuddy)
Purolator L14612 (Old Smart)
Purolator PL14612 (Old Smart)
K&N HP1004 (Todd)
Mobil1 M1104 (Todd)
Bosch 3312 (Todd)
Fram Double Guard DG3593A (Todd)
Fram High Mileage HM3593A (Barry)
Fram Tough Guard TG3593A (Barry)
Pennzoil PZ33 (Todd)
Pentius PLB3593A (Todd)
Beck/Arnley 0418151 (Todd)
AC Delco PF1127 (Todd)
Purolator Premium Plus L14459 (Todd)
Purolator Pure One PL14459 (Todd)
Amsoil EAO36 (Todd)

Cross Reference Numbers

Some filter websites have a cross reference guide where you type in one
of the above and it'll tell you a compatible version of the filter that they sell.

FRAM (thanks Fredrik for this link).

If you know of any filter cross reference sites, let me know.

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