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Coolant/Antifreeze Fluid Testing

Modification Details

This is a refractometer. It measures the refraction of light through different fluids.
Since the refraction is known for certain fluids, it can tell you information about that fluid.

They are available very cheaply on Amazon.

One of the fluids this can can test is coolant. Since the manufacturer knows what chemicals are used as antifreeze,
they can see exactly what the freezing temperature will be which is handy if you live in a very cold climate.

Take a small sample of the coolant mixture using the supplied pippette.

Place enough of the fluid onto the window of the refractometer so...

...when the diffuser is lowered into the fluid, it spreads totally over the glass.

Stand under a bright light and look through the other end of the refractometer like a telescope.

Your antifreeze bottle should tell you if it's propylene or ethylene based. Then you can read off the freezing temperature.

Mine is ethylene so the freezing temperature according to the center scale is -36 degrees Celsius.
That's fine for me in the UK. If you live in a colder climate, you can adjust your mixture to suit.

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