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Servicing guides and mods

Electric Drive Servicing

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Servicing An Electric Drive Smart

Smart royally screw over electric drive owners when it comes to servicing.
Considering there's no oil, oil filter, air filter, spark plugs, V-belt or valve adjustment to be changed,
they actually charge more to service an electric drive than they do to service a standard petrol model.

I was quoted £270 for a single service. If you buy the smart service plan you can bring
that down to £156 per service in the UK. US and Canada can work out to be cheaper.

Own Or Rent The Battery?

If you own the battery, great. You can do whatever you want. Service the car yourself.

If you are still renting the battery, check your documentation for the renatal agreement as there is
a chance that they have screwed you in the small print and will insist that you have it serviced at smart.
If you don't, the warranty on your HV battery may be affected.

If you are renting, consider contacting smart to see if you can buy it outright.
The full purchase option was announced in 2017 and gives you a set guarantee for the battery.

What Needs Servicing And When?

  Service 1
20,000 km
12,000 miles
Service 2
40,000 km
24,000 miles
Service 3
60,000 km
36,000 miles
Service 4
80,000 km
48,000 miles
Cabin Pollen Filter Y Y Y Y
Key Battery Y Y Y Y
Brake Fluid Change Every Two Years
Battery Desiccant Cartridge Change Every Two Years
Washer Fluid Replenish Y Y Y Y
Check Motor & Transmission
For Damage & Defective Mounts
Check All High Voltage Lines Y Y Y Y
Check High Voltage Battery Y Y Y Y
Coolant Level Y Y Y
Tyre Pressures Y Y Y Y
Brake Pads Front Y Y Y Y
Brake Shoes Rear Y
Reset Maintenance Counter. Y Y Y Y

You can do all of this yourself with the exception of the HV battery check.
If you have MB Star Diagnostics, you can do this test easily.

The only thing you can't do is perform any updates to the software that smart might have.

HV Battery Check

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