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Servicing guides and mods

Filling The Windscreen Washer Tank

Eventually the windscreen jets stop squirting, chances are they have just run out of water, lets fill it up.

Modification Details

600cc And 700cc Fortwo

Stand facing the front of the car and you will see this service screen on the
left hand side. Circled in red is the lock that holds the screen closed. Insert a
screwdriver or an old key and turn ¼ clockwise and pull the screen off the car.

With the service screen off you can see the window wiper arms,
look down the hole to see the filler for the squirters.

Circled in red are 2 clips, pull these both towards you and
they should slip from their mounting freeing the filler tube.

Pull the tube out of the service hole and fill it to the top.

Replace the cap and clip the neck back in place.

999cc Smart

Firstly you need to gain access to the fluids area by
opening the bonnet.

Look just over to the right and you will see the windscreen washer fluid tank (see below).

Flip open the cap and fill to the brim with your chosen mixture then clip it closed.


Thanks to Gavin of for the use of his Roadster.

Open the bonnet. 
Over to the left you will see a white plastic pipe.

The top flips off and the washer fluid can be poured directly into it.

Correct mixtures are quite important.

It is not recommended that you just fill with tap water, ideally you need at
least 1 part screen cleaner per 100 parts water (1:100) in summer.

In winter it depends on the temperature, the screen cleaner contains an
antifreeze agent so the higher ratio you have the lower the freezing point.

Down to -10 Celsius should be 1:2 (1 part cleaner to 2 parts water)
Down to -20 Celsius should be half and half.

I know it's not ideal but using distilled or deionised water gives you a cleaner screen as it has no impurities in it. This should also lengthen the life of the pump and stop the nozzles from blocking with calcium deposits.
Luckily the pump system is all plastic and rubber so shouldn't be affected by the deionised water.

The smart manual contradicts itself, in 1 section it says the washer tank is 3 imperial
pints but in another it says 3 litres (5.3 imperial pints). It is actually 3 litres.

Deionised Water

Deionised water is exactly that - water that has essentially been stripped of all of its ions.
Water likes to be balanced in its natural state, however, and this means that it adds ions
to itself to achieve that goal. Therefore, DI water grabs ions from everything it touches
that can be dissolved or absorbed. It will extract metals from metal fittings you have and
will also pull carbon dioxide from the air. Don't be tempted to drink it either unless you
want your stomach to go into osmotic shock. (Cells burst and can cause bleeding)

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