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Servicing guides and mods

Reset The Service Indicator

If you do your own servicing or smart forget to do it, you will need to reset the service display, here's how.

Modification Details

Please do not contact me saying they don't work because they do if you do it right.
 Just doing everything in the right order isn't enough, timing is very important.

Resetting The Service Indicator

Switch on the ignition to position 1.
Select maintenance indicator within 4 sec by double tapping the instrument cluster button.
Switch of the ignition to position 0 (off) within 10 sec.
Push and hold in the instrument cluster button and switch ignition on.
Hold the instrument cluster button for another 10sec.
In that time, the spanner symbol on the LCD will flash and eventually reset.

Make Sure

In some instances, people have found that double tapping the button doesn't bring up the spanner icon(s).
If yours is one of the rare few that doesn't, try 3 or even 4 presses to see if the spanner icon(s) appear.

Does It Work On....

Stop right there, the video states
"works on all smarts, button placement varies between models".
So if it's a smart it will work. I really don't need to make a video for
each model do I? When the only difference is the position of 1 button!

It Doesn't Work

Yes it does.

Ok, Where Is The Button On My Smart?

Right, that's a more sensible question.

450 Fortwo

451 Fortwo

452 Roadster

454 Forfour

Service Reset Myths

Every now and then I get someone tell me some new bit of info about reseting the service light.
Just because they believed what they heard or they tried something different during
or before resetting the counter, they now believe that is the correct way to do it.

Myth 1 - The doors must be closed to reset the service counter. 
Proved wrong

Myth 2 - You can reset a "1 spanner" service but not "2 spanners". You'll need MB Star for that.
Proved wrong

Myth 3 - The car has to be in reverse to reset the service counter.
Proved wrong

You can only reset the service indicator after doing 2000 miles from the last reset.
Not sure on this one, why would you want to?

Smart 451 ED

Yes, it still works, even on the electric drive ED 451. Thanks to Darren W for the confirmation.

Important Info

Please remember to get your car serviced properly, resetting the light doesn't
mean your car has been serviced and you won't fool anybody when you come to sell it.

I have only posted it here because there are a few unscrupulous rip off
attempting to sell this info on EBay. Don't fund these cretins.

I Have Lost My Button

Blue - 0001270V004C05A00
Silver - 0001270V004C48A00

Not available separately

No longer available separately
Part number used to be 0014897V002000000

Not available separately

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