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Roadster AC Drier

Modification Details


It's important to note that you must depressurise the AC system before you remove the drier canister.
This should be done by a professional. Don't just bleed it into the atmosphere.

A professional will vacuum out all of the gas and oil to clear the system. Once you have changed the canister,
the same professional will be able to recharge the gas and oil into the AC system to make it work again.

Removing The Canister

The AC drier is situated underneath the AC radiator. You can take the front panels off if you like but if you
jack the front of the car up enough and lower the front part of the undertray, you can get to it that way.

It's a canister that the AC gas passes through as it circulates. The filter removes water from the system.

Underneath are 2x Torx 25 screws. Remove these.

On the end is another Torx 25 Screw.

Remove this too.

The pipe clamp can now be swung backward and off.

The canister can now be pulled from the pipes.
This is the point where we see if you read the 1st part carefully. If not, prepare for a jump scare.

The canister is now off, go and buy a replacement.
Smart part number 001 0026 V002 000 000

Make sure that the purple seals are on the pipes before you fit the new canister.

Where Can I Buy One?

I gave you a smart part number bell-end. Obviously you go to smart.

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