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Roadster Air Con Re-Gas

The rubber seals on your air conditioning pipes don't last for ever, especially when you don't use it regularly. The seals dry up and the gas escapes leaving you with no air-con. It is possible to refill it DIY style using a can from Halfords or a similar motor factors.

Modification Details

Thanks to Leroy and X4 for the further info that has been added to this file.

It states in the manual that the air con must be used for at least 15 minutes
every week otherwise the rubber seals will perish and the gasses will escape,
no gas, no air con. Use it or lose it.

OK, I Lost It, What Now?

You have 2 options, DIY or get a professional to do it.
The info you will need to arm yourself is as follows.

Roadster = 648g +180cc compressor oil
Forfour = 430 + 100cc compressor oil

Get a Professional

Hook out the yellow pages and get ringing, it doesn't cost a lot to do and the smart is a relatively easy
system to refill. This way you know the system has been drained and everything has been done properly.

Do It Yourself

Thanks to Martin Lowe for the two pictures below.

Quite a few motor-factors sell bottled air-con gas, even Halfords so go buy gas.

The Government in many countries have banned the sale of disposible R134A canisters.
There are other compatible replacements and companies claiming it's not R134A when it actually is.
You will have to look around and see what you can get.

Remove the Roadster boot liner by following
these instructions.

This is the high pressure valve, you should not use this to fill up using a DIY can of gas.


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