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Roadster Front Bulb Change

A bit tricky but you had better learn to do it.

Modification Details

Bin Out Method

Remove the front boot bin and you will be able to access the lights from the side.
This method is good for the meat fisted Roadster owners who can't remove the
headlight covers without damaging or snapping them. (It's all about distribution of power).

Light Out Method

Space can be tight so many people find it easier to remove the lights completely

Using a Torx25 screwdriver, remove the screws circled below.
Pull the top of the panel towards you, it hinges at the bottom on two hidden tabs (circled green).
The light surround actually clips in firmly to the body by hidden clips (circled blue).

It takes a scary amount of force to get them off but they do come off.
Just make sure you distribute your pulling power over the cover as you pull.

With the surround lifted you can see the two clips that held it down.

Using the Torx25 screwdriver, remove the five screws. The entire unit will now lift out.

Each unit has two lights and each light has a rubber cap, pull the cap off to reveal the wiring.
Pull the plastic spade connector off and then squeeze and pull the remaining spade connector.

Push down and squeeze the metal clip together, you will now be able to swing the clip down.

The bulb will now be free. Fit the new one making it's around the right way. Clip it back in place.
Plug the two connections back into the bulb (it doesn't matter which way around).

If you disconnect both pairs of connectors, make sure you wire them to the correct light otherwise your
full beam lights will be on when you have the side lights on. Now check the headlight alignment.

Roadster Front Lower Bulbs

Right Side

Remove the light assembly as shown above and look down behind the bumper.
The white holder (B) is the indicator, this twists a quarter turn anticlockwise and pulls out.
The black rubber boot (A) pulls back to reveal the fog light bulbs connections.
The grey holder (C) twists and pulls out to reveal the side light bulb.

The bulb can be twisted and removed and replaced with a similar bulb.

Pull off the connections to the fog light bulb first.
Push the metal tabs together and then swing them back.
The bulb can now be removed from the light unit.

Left Side

This job is made a lot harder on the left side of the car because of the windscreen
washer tank being in the way. Removing the wheel arch liner doesn't help.

We saw a great modification first done by TRn forum member Bellshill Roadster.
The idea was to cut a small section out of the panel to give you access.
As scary as this may seem it was easy and couldn't be seen when reassembled.

The new access hole is hidden under the headlight housing when refitted.
We decided it was such an important modification that we gave it its own page here.

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