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Roadster Handle Maintenance

Modification Details

 Roadsters don't suffer so much from snapped door handle cables like the fortwo
does but they do stiffen up, so, once a year, why not give them a proper lubrication?

Other sites tell you to pull the handle open and spray lube into the hole that the handle
passes through, you may as well spray it in your ear hole. Both will do just as much good.

Here is the handle (if you needed showing then maybe you should
tell a responsible adult that you are about to play with your car).


Open the door and look to the back of the handle, up a bit, up a bit more.
Torx screw, stop there.
Remove this Torx screw and push the door closed again.


The triangle cover lifts up to disconnect.


Underneath is a hidden Torx screw, remove that too.


Open the door a bit, pull the handle back, up and out so you can see behind it. 


Operate the handle so you can see what part moves. Give it a good spray in oil.
With the handle fully pulled you will see the end of the cable, get the straw
attachment on your can of lube, jab it in where the cable is and give it a good squirt.

Slide the handle back in place and replace the Torx screw. Pull the handle a load of times to distribute the oil. Whilst you are there, spray the latch halfway down the door shut.

Sod it, as you have the spray can of lube and the straw attached,
lower the windows and spray up the window guides front and back.

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