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Slow Window Fix

Modification Details

Slow Electric Windows

If your windows aren't going up very quickly, stop or need a hand to lift, it's probably not the motor.

The glass has to be held securely to stop movement when driving and stop water ingress.
But it needs to be loose enough for the window to slide through it when operated.

Normally, it's just where the rubber seals have worn. The rubber seals are fuzzy but that wears down over time.
Eventually you are left with flat rubber and that increases the friction against the glass.

What we are going to do is clean and lubricate the seals to get it all moving again.

Make Em Slide

We will be cleaning and lubricating the rear...

...and the front glass channels.

You have 2 options, the quick messy way or the slower cleaner way.

The quick way is to spray a lubricant into the full length of both channels...

...and then slide some cardboard up and down in the channels. This distributes the lubricant
and loosens and picks up any dirt trapped in the seals.

The slower way doesn't see you spraying oil absolutely everywhere and making a mess.
Spray the lubricant straight onto the cardboard and then...

...slide that piece of card up and down in the channels front and back. This takes longer
as you need to do it a few more times to get a decent amount of lubricant in there.

With the ignition running, operate the window up and down a few tmes to distribute the lube.
Hopefully, your windows will now operate at a more sensible speed.


You have plenty of options. 3in1 oil, white lithium spray grease, silicone spray.

Ideally go for silicone oil because it keeps the rubber seals flexible. Don't use WD40.

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