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Suprex Oil Filter Change

How to find and replace the oil filter in your 600, 700 and diesel fortwo 450 and the 700 Roadster

Modification Details

Changing The Filter

If you crouch down and look under the back of the car you will see a 
black dome with a hexagon head just behind the exhaust in the centre.

You will need something to catch a small amount of oil. 
I have used a paint tray but a take away container or your Mum's wedding dress will be fine. 
Get the 27mm socket and ratchet and undo it (anticlockwise) until it comes off.

Pull the filter out and you should see this.

As you can see not much oil comes out when the cover is removed, 
probably 3 shot glasses worth at most.

The original filter can be pulled from the dome and a new one slotted in.
The dome can then be replaced and tightened to 25Nm.

Where To Buy?

Oil filters can be bought from your local smart dealer.
Smart part number is A 160 184 02 25. With this code you will get a new oil filter and a
replacement O ring that replaces the old O ring at the back of the large thread on the black dome.

Oil Changing

Changing the oil can be found here.

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