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Windscreen Washer Fluid Test

Modification Details

This is a refractometer. It measures the refraction of light through different fluids.
Since the refraction is known for certain fluids, it can tell you information about that fluid.

They are available very cheaply on Amazon.

One of the fluids this can can test is windscreen washer fluid. Since the manufacturers know what fluid is used
to stop windscreen washer fluid from freezing in the tank, the refractometer can tell you the freezing point.

Take a sample using the supplied pippette.

Place enough fluid on the glass so that...

...when the diffuser is lowered into position, the fluid spreads out fully over the glass.

Stand under a bright light and look through the other end of the refractometer like a telescope.
Here you can see that my windscreen washer fluid will freeze at 10 degrees Celsius.

If you want lower temperature protection, add more concentrated windscreen washer fluid.

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