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Servicing guides and mods

Wiper Sizes

Windscreen wipers are easily changed and should be kept in good condition throughout the life of the car.

Modification Details

City-Coupe and Fortwo 450
Hook Type

Mk1 to Mk7 and For2 front left- 21 inches
Mk1 to Mk7 and For2 front right- 21 inches
Mk1 to Mk7 and For2 rear (excluding cabrio) - 14 inches

Bosch Aerotwin Pack Number - A992S

Fortwo 451
Pinch Tab Type

Fortwo 451 left - 21 inches
Fortwo 451 right - 22 inches


Don't be silly.

Roadster 452
Hook Type

Roadster driver's side - 20 inches
Roadster passenger's side - 18 inches
Roadster rear - None

Bosch Aerotwin Pack Number - AR502S

Fortwo & Forfour 453

Driver's Side - 20 inches
Passenger's Side - 14 inches

Forfour 454
Hook Type

Forfour front left - 18 inches
Forfour front right - 26 inches
Forfour rear - 14 inches

Bosch Aerotwin Pack Number - AR813S
Bosch Twin Rear Wiper - H351

Bosch Aerotwin Availability

Bosch do not distribute their full range across the world so you may be limited to purchasing
a different size or even 2 kits to get the sizes you want. Best just to buy the right kit online.

What Are The Best Replacement Wipers?

Have a look here for wipers that we have tested.

By far the best original looking replacement blade that you can get are made by PIAA,
yes they are expensive but they are 100% silicone unlike the silicone coated blades
sold elsewhere. They offer them in curved or straight, ideally you want straight.

You will require a pair of size 11 wipers for the front of the smart fortwo.

Removing The Old Wipers

Information with pictures can be seen

Fold the wipers out and look where the arm joins the wiper frame.
The wiper arm has a hook that folds around a plastic insert, turn the wiper so it is perpendicular to the arm and push the wiper frame towards the arm.

Eventually the hook will release the plastic insert and you will be able to remove the wipers.
Remove the inserts from the old wipers and place them on the new ones.
Hook the new wipers onto the arm and pull until it clips into place.

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