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Evilution Vinyl Logos

Your car just won't look 100% finished unless you have an Evilution logo on it.

Modification Details

Evilution Vinyl Decals

They are £1 each plus £1 postage to the UK, please add an extra £1 postage to the
total if you are outside of the UK. If you want any of these, my paypal address is:

If you want a colour that isn't black, white or orange, let me know in advance.
I can get most colours but if I have to buy the vinyl, it'll add to the cost.

2008 - Onward Design

This is the newest design and it is solid like the 2006 logo but with the correct styling and spacing of the 2007 logo. These are no longer outsourced to be made by another company, these are now all made by myself using my own vinyl cutting machine. This new design is smaller than the 2007 design. This is just to make it easier for me as the current size fits nicely on the A4 vinyl that I use.

185mm long - contact me about colours.

2007 Design

This was the 2007 updated design. This one was a bit smaller than the 2006 logo and is just the
outline of the logo instead of the previous solid logo. These are now all sold out.

250mm long

2006 Design

This was the original design and all these have now been sold.

300mm long

Fitting your Evilution Vinyl Decal

Click here to see the vinyl decal fitting guide

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