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Fifth Gear Filming

We donate our cars for the background of channel five's Fifth Gear.

Modification Details

A thread was posted on The Smart Club asking for owners of heavily modified smart cars
if they could make it to a certain London location. It was very last minute and not much
info was given to us. Working nights I was lucky that I could go. Tiny managed to get a day
off as well. Rob, Robert and Colin also turned up but it was just us five and a few celebs.

The Pictures

It was my fault that Tiny and myself turned up so early as I finished work at 6:30.
Even with a slow drive we turned up about 7:20. They didn't start until 10:30.

Rob from SmartArse Design Watford turned up.
This is his car being flanked by presenters Tom and Vicky.

Tom was very chatty, a real nice guy. I thought he was a person behind the camera because he made such an effort to talk to us, I was surprised to find out he was a presenter. He used to own a smart himself and really liked it.
Vicky on the other hand made no attempt to come and say hi, did her stuff and then disappeared without saying goodbye. Manners eh, they don't cost anything.

This is Vicky talking to Tiny, she is saying 'Aren't you a clever boy'
For goodness sake woman, he's not 4 years old.

Vicky was pressing all the right buttons when it came to Tiny's hand held toy.

Tiny liked his toy being played with so he decided to play with her toys!
OK he didn't, he was explaining something but it looks like he is going for her breast.

The Day

The filming didn't finish until 5:30, I was bored along with a lot of other people.
I also got quite sunburnt but I wasn't as bad as some others.

Filming involved 2 people repeating the same thing over and over again about
20 times with the director saying 'OK that was really good, one more time'.

It was all filmed outside which was quite often ruined by buses, police cars, trains,
helicopters, fat boy harleys, people building stuff in the cafe and deliveries.


Boring boring boring. We don't get to be on TV at all, they didn't have a new smart on location
for us to look at and my car is firmly glued in the background. You'll be lucky to catch it
when Fifth Gear is shown. Tiny's car has its own piece though.

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