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OTV- The Man

The t'interweb coding uber genius type guy.

Modification Details


John (herein known as OTV) was UK technical operations manager for Redbus Interhouse but got
made redundant when the companies merged. The nice little redundancy payoff made it all worthwhile.

He decided after about 6 months of loafing about that he better do something exciting, so setup his own company
in February 2006, doing various computer stuff for businesses such as site coding, computer installations, virus removal, technical support, repairs and website hosting on their dedicated servers.

So why a Smart?

OTV decided that his huge Volvo was impractical for the one day a week he actually needed a car, browsed fleabay and saw the smart with the stripes, thought thats cool, lets see if a part ex was an option, bingo bongo 2hrs later he had a smart car. Although the Volvo impractical, it was probably better for his 4 months pregnant wife at the time :)

He knew it was a fun car but had a feeling it could offer much more so ended up googling smart cars. He found the forums and fairly quickly came across the original evilution website (which was rubbish), where he sort of settled.

Evilution site

Evil's GF (at the time) mentioned that she wanted ideas/help for a new evilution site and OTV sort of chipped in with some ideas and ended up offering to make the site for them, and here we are (well you are anyway). He met them both for the first time in their second home (Pizza Express, Bluewater) which was an interesting first meeting :)

Since 2006, OTV has rewritten the evilution website 3 times and each time it has got better and better.
Searches, tags, an easy to use editor, faster code on a dedicated server. These all add up to make the best smart information site in the world, far better than "monkey see - monkey do" sites made in Wordpress.

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, well, evilution is the most flattered smart site out there.

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