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OTVs center console

I decided to change the way the center console worked - having thought about buying a passenger window kit, i decided to investigate what i could do myself.

Modification Details

Ok, so (this is my second attempt) having decided to install the buttons in the drawer (idea 2) and tidied it all up, sprayed it all black, this is what you are left with.

You may note the ESP and cabrio roof buttons are installed around the courtesy light switch, ESP is on and working (needs lighting still) and cabrio roof button will do something :)

Some nice blue LEDs from El Evil and some custom made roadster button surrounds make by Metal Monkey and jobs a goodun.

Some previous attempts at this have resulted in a non functional drawer - not here - i have a functional drawer as well, to house the Evilution MP3 cable.

So my door based window buttons - gone replaced with some tweeters .

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