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I will have to test any of the info sent in before payment is sent.

Modification Details

It's the word "rewards" but written in currency symbols! Neat huh?

How Does This Work?

It's simple. If you solve any of the following problems, I will PayPal you the set amount of money.
It will be a 1 time payment. I will try and put the specific terms for each one.

Problems To Solve

Car Model Task Reward
451 Reversing camera on the Highline. £200/$200/€200
451 Alternative sat nav software (like iGo) with sound from the Bosch Highline main menu £200/$200/€200
452 Reprogram the trip computer with a new start up screen, dates that work passed 2020, the ability to show different parameters. £250/$250/€250
Any Keep the litre countdown on the speedo permanently £100/$100/€100

I will add more as I think of them.

Why Do This?

There are a few things that I have looked into, tried to do and failed. There are more clever people out there than me and people are often encouraged to try to solve something for money. I use the subscription money to try and better the website and this is one of the ways.

Not So Small Print

The info you give me will be used on the website in subscription areas.
The information you give will be mine to use as I so wish.
You will not post the information on any other sites.

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