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Roadster Wing Mirror Leaks

One of the most common leaks on the Roadster

Modification Details

 Thanks to Gavin from ONsmart for this bit of information.

Gavin found a little problem with his driver's wing mirror, the water was 
leaking through where the screws to the mirror are. The problem is the 
two screws sit where the seal is supposed to make contact.

The recessed nature of the screws interupts the seal allowing the water to dribble into the cabin.
The screw heads are supposed to be covered by a vinyl strip, if yours is missing then...

Image will need to replace them. You will need a cloth, some brake and clutch cleaner (degreaser!), scissors and a roll of 12mm vinyl stripe tape (like chavs use for go-faster stripes).
You have to use exterior grade vinyl otherwise it just won't stay stuck down for very long.


Clean off the wing mirror with the brake and clutch cleaner, make sure you wipe all of this off to aid adhesion of the vinyl. Cut a length of the tape about 1cm long and cover the screw head holes.


Hopefully your leak will now be cured, test it with a watering can or hose. No not a jet washer!

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