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Spare Wheel

Everything you might need to know about a spare wheel.

Modification Details

Is There A Spare Wheel?

 No. On a Roadster and a Fortwo, there is space but no provisions for carrying a spare.

So What Happens If I Get A Puncture?

 You can either:

Call smart assist if you are a member and they will come out and sort it for you,
Call your breakdown service and see if they can help,
Call a relative or friend to bring out a spare, if you have one,
Sit like a complete lemon on the side of the road,
Continue driving to the next available tyre place (this may ruin your wheel).

     Of course, the other option is to carry a spare which will make life a lot easier.

What Do I Need To Get?

A way to remove the wheel bolts, they will be 15mm if standard or 17mm if aftermarket
wheels are fitted. Wheel braces don't usually go as low as 15mm so a ratchet and socket.

A jack. Most jacks will work fine. Check out the jacking page.

A spare wheel. Due to the fact that the smart range has a host of different offsets but the same
PCD there are a few options open to you. We all know (or at least should do) that a 450 rear
wheel should never be put on the front of a 450 because of the offset is too different.

This means it is important that you carry a spare front wheel, the front
wheel can be used on the back due to its diminished width.

OK, So What Front Wheel Do I Need?


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