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Tyre Sealant Application

Smarts don't have spare tyres, so to save you having to carry one about, fit tyre sealant instead

Modification Details

Background Information

This will be added shortly. There is a lot of misinformation on the internet concerning Ultraseal (USA) and Puncturesafe (UK) and a lot of it seems to be coming from the UK company.

I have been speaking to Ultraseal about particular claims made by Puncturesafe,
claims that don't quite ring true. I'll do some digging and let you all know.

Installation Video


In your pack of Ultraseal or Puncturesafe you will receive the following:

2x bottles of sealant,
2x tubes,
2x nozzle caps,
1 valve removal tool.

Store your bottles upside down before using them so you can see the level of the fluid.

Rotate the wheel so the valve is almost at the bottom, remove the dust cap.

Use the supplied valve tool and remove the core of the valve in an anticlockwise direction.
Don't be tempted to try to install the fluid with the valve core in place, it won't work.

Push the pipe over the stem of the valve. I found that because the fluid was very thick,
cutting the tube down to a more sensible length decreased the resistance.

Snip the end off the nozzle, push it onto the tube and squeeze until the fluid touches the valve.

Take a pen and mark the level on the bottle. You can see in the picture below that the
bottle is graduated. The graduations go up to 25 but the fluid will normally be over that.

Mark the level and work out roughly what the graduation equates to. Here it was about 27.

175/55/15 tyres required 10 units. Check the table at the bottom of the page for your tyre size.

Each squeeze will put about 2 units into the tyre, allow air back into the bottle between
squeezes so the bottle is not deformed and then you can accurately read the level.

I started at 27 and required 10 units so when I got to 17 I had installed enough fluid.

Disconnect the pipe, pump a bit of air into the tyre and allow it to come back out.
This will clear the valve stem of any fluid that might affect the valve.

Refit the valve core and hand tighten it with the provided tool.

Pump a bit of air into the tyre and take the pump off. Make sure that the valve is sealing
properly and releases air when you push the valve core in. When you are happy, pump the
tyres up to the correct pressures. The pressures are listed on the inside of the fuel filler flap.

Repeat on all of the other tyres. Go for a drive and try to stay below 40mph.
If you go too fast the off centre fluid will cause the car to shudder violently.
After about 5 or 6 miles the shuddering will subside as the fluid distributes itself
and self balances inside of the tyre. You are now protected against most punctures.

Tyre Size And Fluid Unit Guide

It is not recommended that you put these products in low profile tyres.
Below are the smart tyres that are compatible with these products.
Tyre Size Fluid Capacity

















It should be noted that people have had success using these products in lower profile tyres,
it just isn't recommended by the manufacturer. But when do we ever pay attention to them? 

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