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Wheel Bolt Key Storage

Modification Details

If you have alloys and you aren't silly you probably have security wheel bolts holding your wheels on.
These are replacement wheel bolts with a special design shape that matches a removal key.

The removal key slots over the head of the bolt and allows removal of the wheel bolt.
If you don't have the key, it's very hard to remove the bolt quickly and quietly.

Security Wheel Bolt Fitted - Now What?

Well, here's the problem. You need the removal key to take the bolt off to remove the wheel.
If you get a puncture, you, your partner or a breakdown service (for the ugly ones without a partner) will need to remove the wheel. So you need to keep the removal tool to hand.

It's not something that you are going to carry around with your keys is it?
So, although they say not to leave it in the car, like most removable stereo
fascias, these removal keys will be left in the car for when you need it. 

So, Where To Hide It?

The glove box is obvious, the underseat draw is obvious, the door pockets are obvious.
Obvious is no good but the car is only small, where can you hide something like this?

This Is What I Did

Take the wheel key, something to hold it with and a gas torch.

Grip the tool and heat it up so it's nice and hot.

Pull back the carpet in the passenger's footwell to uncover the polystyrene block.
Locate a section of polystyrene that has enough depth to encapsulate the removal tool.
Plunge the heated up removal key into the polystyrene. It doesn't take much force.

When the tool is flush with the surface, pull it out and allow everything to cool down.

The end of the removal tool will be full of plastic so pick it out bit by bit with tweezers or a
dental tool. Check that the tool still fits on the wheel bolt and that no plastic hinders the fitting.

Drop the (now cold) removal key into the new hole and cover with the footwell carpet.

What Have You Done?

If you have a great hiding place then let me know and I'll add it here.

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