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451 Dash Button Pin Out

Modification Details

Dashboard Button Bank

Pin Connection Wire Colour Connects To Purpose
1 Grey/Blue Speedo Pin 12 Illumination
2 Red/Violet SAM Plug 2, Pin 2 Permanent live, fuse 12
3 Brown Ground Earth
4 Yellow/Red Heated Seat Controller, Pin 1 LH Heated Seat Switch LED 1
5 Blue/Yellow Heated Seat Controller, Pin 7 LH Heated Seat Switch LED 2
6 White/Red Heated Seat Controller, Pin 3 RH Heated Seat Switch LED 1
7 Black/White Heated Seat Controller, Pin 9 RH Heated Seat Switch LED 2
8 Blue/Yellow SAM Plug 9, Pin 13 Front Fog Lamp
9 Grey SAM Plug 9, Pin 37 Rear Fog Lamp*
10 Pink SAM Plug 9, Pin 12 Central Locking Lock
11 Black/Blue SAM Plug 9, Pin 16 Central Locking Unlock
12 Violet/Blue SAM 8, Pin 31 Hazard Warning Light
13 Blue SAM Plug 9, Pin 8 Tow Away Alarm
14 Green Yellow SAM Plug 8, Pin 28 Tyre Pressure Monitor Reset
15 N/C N/C N/C
16 N/C N/C N/C
17 N/C N/C N/C
18 N/C N/C N/C

*Rear fog light control is part of the rain/light sensor package

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