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453 Touchscreen Pinout

Modification Details

Smart Media Stereo Connections Overview

Connector AA

Pin Number Wire Colour Function
1 Grey/White CAN Bus High
2 Brown/White CAN Bus Low
3 Yellow Microphone +
4 Red Microphone Signal
5 Pink/White Navigation Off
6 Red Power
7 Black Ground
8 Red Screen Audio Left +
9 Yellow Screen Audio Right +
10 Brown Screen Audio -
11 Black Screen Audio Shielding
13 Yellow Navigation Voice +
14 Red Navigation Voice -
15 Black Navigation Voice Shielding
16 Black Microphone Shielding
18 Red/White Reverse Camera Video Signal
19 Yellow/White Reverse Camera -
20 Brown/White Reverse Camera +
21 Grey Reverse Camera Shielding

Connector AB

Multimedia Connection Unit

Connector AC

Windscreen Card Reader

Connector AD

Telematics Unit

Connector AE

Blue FAKRA C GPS Antenna Connector

Connector AB, AC & AD Further Information

Interestingly, despite the bespoke look of these connectors, they are just USB mini B leads with keyed housings.
You can get almost any USB mini B lead and use a knife to trim the lead housing rubber to suit.

453 Radio Unit

The R-Link touch screen connects to a box that does all of the work like radio modulation.
It's screwed behind the dashboard just behind the touchscreen.

The pin out connections for this unit can be found here.

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