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Forfour Speedo Pin Out

Modification Details

Forfour Speedo Pin Out

Pin Number Wire Colour Connects To
1 Green CAN Bus Distributor Pin 16 (CAN bus low)
2 Green/White CAN Bus Distributor Pin 5 (CAN bus high)
4 White/Blue Fuse Box Connection K17
5 Green/Red Multiway Connector Pin C19
6 Black/Blue Fuse Box Connection K30 (Fuse 33, 7.5Amp)
7 Brown Outside Temperature Sensor Pin 1
8 Yellow Fuel Pump
9 Green/Grey Outside Temperature Sensor Pin 2
10 Red/Black Multiway Connector Pin C4
11 Red/White Belt Buckle And Seat Occupancy Sensor
12 Yellow Trailer Recognition Switch
18 Black Earth
19 Black Earth

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