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Roadster OBD Pin Out

Modification Details

OBD Socket Location

Roadster - Hidden by a removable panel directly below the steering wheel.


The table below shows the connections to and from the OBD.
It shows that each controller has its own diagnostics line which is used by
the Mercedes Star Machine or the 3rd party Win-star system.

Pin 1 SAM unit connection 9, pin 3. Diagnostics
Pin 2 No connection
Pin 3 ECU pin 102. TNA
Pin 4 Negative earth
Pin 5 Negative earth
Pin 6 No connection
Pin 7 ECU pin 110. K-line, Diagnostics
Pin 8 Switched live, fuse 20
Pin 9 ESP unit pin 11. Diagnostics
Pin 10 No connection
Pin 11 Steering assist unit, connection B, pin 2. Diagnostics
Pin 12 Restraint systems/Airbag controller pin 9. Diagnostics
Pin 13 No connection
Pin 14 No connection
Pin 15 No connection
Pin 16 Permanent live, fuse 11

So you'll notice that although there is a standard K-line connection for diagnostics, there are separate
connections to the SAM, ECU, Steering assist unit ESP controller and the Airbag controller. These will be
what the smart diagnostics machine (MB Star) will communicate through instead of going via the K-line.

The G1 smart uses ISO 14230-4 to transmit data to the OBD.

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