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How To Make A Quick Getaway

The smart is not a fast car and people know it's not a fast car. However, due to its weight, it can be a quick car.

If you know how to launch the car, you'll be able to surprise more powerful cars from standstill.

Stamp On It

Just as the name suggests, stamp on the accelerator, all the way to the floor.
There is a small extra movement at the end of the accelerator pedal meant to kick down a gear whilst driving.
Use the full travel even though it obviously can't kick down any further than 1st.

The ESP and the automated manual gearbox will sort out the power distribution for you so you won't
lose any power through wheel spinning. This is usually enough to just get in front of another car.

Hold It On The Brake

The smart automated manual gearbox takes about half a second to move the clutch from fully out
to a point where the car starts to move. If you hold down the brake, the hill start assist kicks in.
When you let go of the brake pedal, the hill start assist will hold the brakes on for about 0.8 of a second.

If you hold the brake pedal down and bring the engine up to about 1500rpm (depends on the setting of your clutch),
release the brake and floor the accelerator, by the time the hill start assist releases the brakes, the engine will be at about 3000rpm and the clutch will be fully engaged and you should pull away quickly.

This method will obviously wear your clutch and you can stall the car if you over-do it on the RPMs.

Hand Brake Start

Pull the hand brake, bring up the revs and release the handbrake whilst flooring the accelerator.

Ignition Glitch

For some reason, if you hold the ignition key to position 2, no amount of accelerating will move the car.
With practice you can use this to your advantage.

Hold the key in position 2. Floor the accelerator and release the key back to position 1 before it reaches 3000rpm.
If you do it correctly, the car will dump the clutch and you pull away very quickly.

You can also try to hold the rpm around 2500 when you release the ignition key and then floor the accelerator pedal but depending on your clutch setting, the engine can bog down as it brings the power in.

This doesn't seem to work on all 700cc fortwos and Roadsters. Some of them will just pull away.

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