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Welcome to the site known worldwide as Evilution.
 The site dedicated to almost everything about smart cars.

I have been so lazy, sort of
by Kane on July 23, 2018

Concentrating on electrical wiring diagrams
by Kane on May 21, 2018

2 new updates in 1 month! WTF
by Kane on April 22, 2018

Been creating content. Not had time to edit and add it though.
I have some more hardcore stuff coming up but it either requires a lot of editing, a lot of writing or some special site coding to make it work. I just haven't had time to do these things. So, I had a look through all of the photos I had taken and picked out some easy stuff, just so the site gets updated.

Facebook nonsense.It was the site's 14th birthday yesterday!

451 Rear Wiper Removal.
Suprex Throttle Body Orientation.
Dip Stick Lengths (yes, really).
451 Side Indicator Removal.

All your subscription questions answered. No one reads this page..
by Kane on April 2, 2018

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