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Welcome to the site known worldwide as Evilution.

The site dedicated to almost everything about smart cars.

I’ve been too busy taking the photos to have any time left to edit and write the pages

I’m not dead. I haven’t run out of ideas. I haven’t abandoned the website. This isn’t FQ101.

I got myself another smart to play with so I’ve been taking a lot of photos but I just couldn’t get into the mindset to write the words. Being informative is easy but incredibly boring but being entertaining as well can be tricky if you are in the mood.

I’ve stopped enjoying my full time job of 19 years and it’s affecting me a bit.

451 heater controller fix.
451 cabin air inlet box removal.
Open your 451 if you lost your keys.
453 Smart Media Connect software update.
451 key resynchronisation.

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A major website update is coming soon including new subscription tiers, a more up-to-date look, an eBay style selling area and other shit like that.

Better weather, more room, a new office chair and slightly less painful tendons

It is amazing how a bit of warm weather helps you actually bother to go and play in the garage. It has been a while. I finally scrapped an old 451 diesel with a failed engine. It let me down about 4 years ago on the way to work and it sat a S2smarts for 4 years before I decided to get it back, find out what the fault was and then strip it for parts.

A parts sale area is being worked of for everyone to use. This will appear with the new site update.


453 air conditioning noisy relay swap.
Roadster brake calliper removal.
450 fortwo brake clapper removal.
451 fortwo brake calliper removal.
How to drive through deep water without killing your car.
I can smell petrol!
Roadster airbag controller pin out.
453 manual gear change lubrication.


453 wastegate fault. Now with smart part number since they started selling it separately.

3000 upscaled images = carpal tunnel pain, RSI and tendonitis

My thumb is burning, the back of my hand is in pain and the elbow on my other arm feels very tight. I’ve been editing too many photos.

The website also had a back-end update to make it more secure and quicker.
As with all updates, loads of stuff stopped working so we are fixing shit as we find it.

453 Buyers guide.
450 SE Drive pin out.
453 EQ charging code update.
453 Accelerator pin out.
451 Accelerator pin out.
450 Window height adjustment.
450 Side window removal.
450 Door quarter glass removal.
453 R-Link touchscreen retrofit.


Catalogues and brochures update.
Paint codes update.
ED/EQ added to the VIN code page.