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450 Dash Pod Disassembly

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Firstly remove the coloured outer ring, they clip straight on and come off easily.

Place a thin headed screwdriver next to 1 and 6 on the tacho (3 and 9 on the clock) and lever to unclip the 2 clips (circled in red).

Lever the hands off with a strong fork

Place the knife down the side of the dial and slowly lever both sides.

Going from side to side the dial and backing will slowly come up and come out. If you have aftermarket dial faces they can be fitted now, to fit the speedo dial, look


With the dial out of the way, carefully unclip the ribbon connector from the circuit board. Using your thumb, bend back 1 clip at a time (circled in red) and pull the PCB forwards.

Circled in red is the 509T twist fit bulb that you can change, these also take the standard twist fit bulbs used in the speedo console.