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Doing the website and YouTube is tricky.

Plans never work which is why I rarely plan. It annoys me when you make plans and then none of them happen. So just don’t plan.

I had ideas of getting rid of 1 car and then getting a cheap project car. The opposite happened. I got a car back and bought the most expensive project car for my YouTube channel. It cost more than my most expensive new smart I ever bought. To make things worse, the new expensive car was bought crash damaged. OK, on to the site updates.

451 Clutch Actuator Settings.
454 Clutch Actuator Settings.
450 Rear Bulb Change.
HX1 Over The Air Updates.
450 Steering Rack Removal.
453s Being Listed As A 451.
Pioneer Stereo Switching Issue On The Electric 453.
453 EQ High Voltage Service Plug.
HX1 Key Battery Change.
HX1 Physical Key.
453 Fortwo Rear Speaker Fitting.
Roadster Charcoal Canister Info.
I Can Smell Fuel Inside My Roadster.

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