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#1 Key Battery

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The #1 key is bloody massive! It’s like a Frisbee.

Flip it over and you’ll notice the smart logo is in the direction as the front buttons.

To access the battery, the back of the key needs to be rotated 15 degrees clockwise…

…and it’ll end up like this.

However, your thumbs probably aren’t strong enough to rotate this piece. I found the best way it to lick your palm and rub your hands together. Place the key between you palms, push together and twist 15 degrees clockwise.

Tip the fob right way up so the back falls off to reveal the internals.

Using the end of a blunt knife or a narrow coin, twist the battery cover anticlockwise from close to open…

…and then remove th battery cover. Lever out the old 2032 battery and replace with a new one.

Don’t buy cheap shit batteries like the ones from the pound store where you get 100 on a card. Use a decent brand name and make sure the new battery is in date.