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Roadster Charcoal Canister

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Removal Of The Canister

Look at the rear offside of the car. Jack the car up, remove the wheel and remove the arch liner to reveal the charcoal canister in the front of the arch.

The inlet and outlet pipe run down and into the underneath of the canister.

Cut the zip tie if it’s still there.

The pipes are just pushed on and are fairly easy to pull off.

If you have issues, a bit of hot water will soften the pipes.

Reach behind the canister and pull back the spring tab.

With the tab pulled, slide the canister upwards and towards the rear of the car to remove it from the bracket.

Things To Check

I have seen several issues. Check the plastic pipes that run down the canister as they can rub through.

At the bottom of the pipes, there are metal crimped connections. Being metal, they rust and corrode and can release pressure from the rubber pipes. The rubber pipes can split or come off, the plastic elbows that the rubber hoses connect to can split. Finally the activated charcoal can become saturated and stop filtering.

What’s Inside?

If you pop off the top of the canister you’ll achieve a horrendous mess. I expected the contents to be in a cotton bag but no, it all spills out. What’s inside is activated charcoal pellets.

They can’t absorb forever so they can get saturated. You can buy replacement activated charcoal pellets and refill it. They are used a lot in aquariums, terrariums and other odour reducing filters. You can normally buy the pellets on Amazon.

I can’t tell you the amount you need because they are sold by weight and mine was from an old car. Since the filter has absorbed vapours, they are probably heavier than new pellets.

Possible Fire Source

When it comes to fuel vapours, it doesn’t take much to create fire. In the same area, the Roadster has possible earthing issues which can cause sparks in the same area as this canister. If the vapours set fire and the fire makes it back to the canister, it could encourage the fire to be much much worse.

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