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Nearside & Offside

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PremiumNo Difficulty Mod ID982 Creditevilution For450 Fortwo451 ED451 Fortwo452 Roadster453 EQ453 Fortwo/Forfour454 Forfour Link Copy to Clipboard

Evilution’s Nearside, Offside, Left, Right?

Just to clarify. Nearside and offside are set sides of the car but left and right obviously change. Nearside and offside are old English terms so may not be known elsewhere.

Nearside is the passenger’s side on an RHD car.
Offside is the driver’s side of an RHD car.

Nearside is the driver’s side on an LHD car.
Offside is the passenger’s side of an LHD car.

Working On The Front Of The Car

If I’m working on the front of the car, left is left, right is right (you know, sensible).

Working On The Back Of The Car

If you’re working on the back of the car, right is right, left is left.

Working On The Inside Of The Car

If you are working on the inside, left is left, right is right.

The 4 labels are the same even for a left hand drive car.

Mercedes’ Nearside, Offside, Left, Right?

Mercedes work on 1 system. Viewed as if you are driving the car. So when you are working on the front of the car, right is on the left and left is on the right which can be confusing, especially when you order parts.

It makes sense but you have to think about it, especially for parts at the front of the car.

What About Driver’s Side & Passenger’s Side?

These are pointless descriptions because they are not a set position. The driver’s side on an American car isn’t the same as the driver’s side on a UK car.

Blue = Left hand driver/Right hand traffic
Green = Right hand drive/Left hand traffic

Left/Right Hand Traffic

This is covered on a different page. Click here.