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A good mixture of stuff on this update.

So, I bought a crashed Hashtag 1 Brabus and started repairing it. Today I went for the first test drive. HOLY SHIT! That thing scared the pants off of me. They say 0 – 60 in 3.9 seconds but it’s definitely quicker. I just need to sort out some dents and some paint.
Also good news is that the magic coders from have fixed a long running email issue that was causing 95% of my emails to go directly to spam. We have all the DKIMs and DMARCs now (whatever the fuck that is) so now they aren’t seen as suspicious.

453 Radio Locked
Re-glue The Roadster Roof
451 CDI Crankshaft Sensor
450 Master Cylinder Removal
450 Fortwo Engine Removal
453 Centre Console Removal
453 Arm Rest Removal
Hashtag Colour Codes
450 Dash Pod Disassembly
Hashtag 1 Headlight Repair

Come and subscribe to my YouTube channel. I have fixed some 453’s, currently the releasing videos are of the Hashtag 1 Brabus being fixed and then it’ll move on to dismantling a 451. It’s not really informative, it’s more for just entertainment and time wasting.