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451 CDI Crankshaft Sensor

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If you don’t hate your life now, give it to the end of the page. This makes a starter motor change look easy.

45bhp & 54bhp Crankshaft Sensor

The arrow below shows the location of the crankshaft rotation sensor. It’s sandwiched between the engine block, high pressure fuel pump and the EGR cooler.

So, you can either go in from the top or in from the side. They are both terrible jobs but going in from the top might be a bit easier.

From The Top

Unbolt the high pressure fuel pump from the side of the engine. Follow the first 8 photos on this page.

With the pump moved over to the left, you’ll need several socket extensions and a universal joint to reach down to the Torx30 bolt. If you have a magnet on a stick, you can rescue the bolt. I hope you have arms like Mr Tickle to reach in, disconnect the electrical connector and pull the sensor out. That’s if the sensor even pulls out. Penetrating lubricant can help if the corrosion has gripped the sensor solidly in position.

From The Side

Remove the rear bumper panels, the air box, the intercooler, intercooler scoop and the EGR cooler. Possibly removing the X-frame and exhaust will give you more room.

You should now just have enough room to reach in under the high pressure fuel pump and disconnect the electrical connector, Use an L-shaped allen key type Torx30 to remove the bolt. Wiggle the sensor out of the clutch housing.