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Good news! The Government is forcing me to increase the subscription cost.

I wouldn’t say I’ve been lazy over the last month but I have been a bit disheartened over a few things which reduced my productivity. The Hashtag 1 YouTube rebuild is going slowly and it was at the body shop for over 3 weeks. So I started playing with the CO2 laser engraver that I bought about 18 months ago. Problem is that it’s a big unit so that took up a lot of room plus the exhaust and cooling pipes, not to mention all the plastic that I was test cutting and engraving. The only reason I got it running was because a friend needed stuff cutting so I had to make sure it worked and I knew how to use it.

Then I got the new fibre galvo laser out. It’s a small unit but that took up a bit of room. I also had a full set of 20″ alloys and separate tyres. A replacement wheel for my girlfriend’s car since hers was so badly corroded that it leaked. Add to that my dead 451 ED that I should have stripped for parts and had scrapped by now, but I haven’t so that’s in the way. Another 3rd of the workshop is full of old parts from previously stripped cars. This was because back in 2020, there was mention of an eBay style sale area for members to sell their stuff. It never materialised and now the parts have been in the way for about 3 years so I’ll probably just cut my losses and stuff as much as I can inside the 451 ED when I scrap it.

The lack of space really made it impossible to do anything so very little got done.

Hashtag 1 alloy wheel list
Hashtag 1 key hole
Hashtag 1 cabin filter
Roadster coolant radiator removal
Roadster AC condenser removal
453 speedo shows -:– instead of the time

For years I have been balancing the income of evilution ltd to keep it under the VAT threshold. It’s not just from subscriptions to the site. I also sell stuff on Etsy. Well, somehow I broke the threshold (although I think the accountant just calculated it incorrectly) so now I’m going to have to add 20% on the subscription prices. However, that’s still less than the amount of inflation we’ve had since 2019 and running the site is costing me quite a lot more now. £24 for a year is still only £2 a month. The extra 33p a month isn’t going to make you homeless.

I won’t just be coasting though. Even though the extra 20% will go straight to the Government every quarter, I have been creating more custom merch that I’ll be releasing soon.

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