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Roadster Coolant Radiator Removal

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Don’t piss about with the coolant system until the car is cold. High pressure scalding coolant is rarely forgiving to your face, arms and balls. Feel the pipes and remove the coolant filler cap in the engine bay.


Open the bonnet, remove the storage bucket and remove the front bumper and arches. If you have air conditioning, you will have to remove the front condenser radiator that sits in front of the coolant radiator.

As you stand at the front of the car, on the upper left there’s the 1st coolant hose. Loosen the pipe clip and pull the pipe from the radiator.

On the lower right is the 2nd coolant hose. Again remove the clip, pull the hose out and catch the escaping coolant in a suitable container. Dispose of it sensibly. Don’t leave it sitting around as cats are stupid arseholes and will drink it and die.

Look at the radiator from the front of the car, just underneath on each side you’ll find…


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