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Hashtag 1 Headlight Repair

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Since the headlights run across the front of the car, it’s safe to say that it’s easy to damage one in an accident. The brackets are designed to break to save the rest of the headlight from becoming damaged beyond repair.

That’s good for 1 reason, your bank account. Each headlight costs £1500 and my best guess is the central light bar is probably £1000.

So thankfully there are bracket repair kits available from smart and when I bought a full set to replace every headlight bracket on the car, they cost about £40 for the lot. I will put the part numbers at the end of each section. £40 is a lot better than £1500 to £4000. It’s worth the subscription money to the site to save that much.

Headlight Lower Bracket

On the bottom of the headlight and reaches down and rests on the crash bar.

Clips along the front edge…

…and is held in with 4 screws,

Left hand headlight lower bracket – smart part number QAP8891984531
Right hand headlight lower bracket – smart part number QAP8891984533

Headlight Outer Edge Bracket

Cut off the remaining damaged bracket so it’s like this.

The new bracket pushes on over the pegs.


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