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Hashtag Colour Codes

Mod Details
PremiumNo Difficulty Mod ID1816 For#1 Link Copy to Clipboard

The Hashtag range of smarts are the 1st to come without a data plate telling you the colour code. Your only way to know for sure is to compare the colour of your car with the photos below.

Car Model Colour Name Also Known As Colour Code
#1 Atom Grey Matte C40
#1 Cyber Silver Metallic Zhu Guang Yin D18
#1 Digital White Metallic Particle White (translation) A21
#1 Laser Red Metallic E34
#1 Meta Black Metallic Silent Black (translation) B07
#1 Future Green Metallic I26
#1 Lumen Yellow Flash Yellow F42
#1 Quantum Blue Metallic G68
#1 Asia Market Future Blue Metallic G69
#1 Launch Edition Platinum Gold Ning Jing Jin K32
#1 (roof & trim) Radiant Red Mu Xing Hong E45
#1 Asia Market Sonic Pink Tian Zhu Kui Fen or Pop Powder (translation) E46
Solar Silver D19
#1 (roof & trim) Eclipse Black B13


Car Model
#3 Ceramic Cream Baileys Beige K33
Electron Blue Matte Frozen Blue G73
Photon Orange Orange Pop H12

If you want colour matched paint codes, check out ColorNDrive.


Quantum Blue Metallic

Lumen Yellow

Future Green

Meta Black Metallic

Laser Red Metallic

Digital White Metallic

Cyber Silver Metallic

Atom Grey Matte

Sonic Pink