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Re-Glue The Roadster Roof

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The Roadster is now officially old. Tony Robinson often digs them up with Roman pottery in episodes of Time Team.

So it’s not unexpected that people are having issues with the roof coming unstuck from the roof spars.

Since each section is only held in with a few spots along the spars, the more you operate the roof, the more likely they are to detach.

However, if detaches from the front and you are driving quickly, air can be forced under the roof and cause some serious damage. This is Rene’s Roadster.

And similarly, here’s Pablo’s Roadster. That must have been a surprise! Imagine if this happened when it was raining.

In these examples, all you can do is carefully retract the roof, drive home and fix it.

The Fixes

You have 2 options depending on the severity of the issue. If you have a few areas that have become unglued, look on eBay or Amazon for Stormsure Black. It’s a flexible PU adhesive that most Roadster owners currently recommend.

Click here.

However, if your roof has been excessively unglued, you’re probably better off getting a new replacement from Peter at Smart-Mania.